Timesheet and time tracking system

Timeduty is a timesheet system that is powerful, yet easy to use with functions like time reporting and expense tracking. It is offered as an online subscription service, which means your company can be up and running immediately, with no investment in hardware, software, or other 3'rd party licenses.
The online timesheet system is ideal for small to medium-sized companies that need to have detailed information on who spends time and what they are doing in the projects and as a basis for billing customers.

Users can easily report time divided on the projects and activities that are registered and at the same time has an excellent overview of the previous reported activities. Since the timesheet can be viewed both on a daily but also on a weekly basis it is really simple for the user to get an overview of all time registered.

For the administrator it is easy to get an overview of how much time that has been registered on a project or activity and time registered by a specific user. There is also a number of reports in the timesheet system, for example reported time per month, week, all projects etc.
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Cloud-based timesheet and time tracking software with great reporting possibilities

Time tracking made easy

We believe that time reporting should be as easy as possible - not only for the users registering time on projects and activities but also for the administrators wanting reports/statistics from the reported time.

Time approval functionality

The time approval module offers a simple (and optional) timesheet approval process. When this module is enabled the users can mark a day as finished. An administrator (or selected time approver) can review the time registrations online and approve the registered time. When a day is approved the selected user cannot register or change time entries for that day.
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Track Mileage logs

The web based Mileage Log book enables car or truck drivers to keep an accurate record of mileage drive.
This could for example be used in situations where drivers of company-owned cars and commercial truck drivers are required to create a detailed mileage log.

For the administrator it is easy to get an overview of the registered mileage logs. It is possible to generate a Mileage log report that can be filtered on for example username, projects etc.
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Cloud based tracking perfect for small businesses

Expense tracking

Reporting expense can be just as important as reporting your time entries.
Using excel spreadsheets or multiple different tools to track time and expense leads to poor overall cost/revenue visibility. The expense tracking module at Timeduty.com is perfect for individuals and small business to keep track of their expenses. With this cloud-based expense tracking system users can easily enter transactions and administrators can create reports with flexible filtering options.
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