Register time easy

In order to be able to report time there has to be at least one project/activity created.

There are three ways that can be used for register time in the timesheet:
  1. Week-by-week view
    This view shows a time sheet with that covers a whole week. This enables quick and easy registration for the users since users do not have to navigate between different single dates.
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  2. Single day view
    In order to get a more detailed view over a single day is possible for the user to select the single day view. One advantage of the single day view compared to the week-by-week is that all comments entered on the time entries is visible without selecting the actual time entry as you have to do on the week-by-week view
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  3. Timesheet Stopwatch/Timer
    A user can use the timer functionality visible on the first page after logging in to keep track of time that should be registered. It is very easy to use, start the timer when starting working. After the task is finished, click the register time button and connect the time calculated in the timer to the project/activity the time was spent on.
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When using a mobile device with smaller screen resolution it is possible to use the mobile optimized interface for registering time.