Recent news from Timeduty

Several general improvements

A number of improvement was released, some examples:
  • Improved performance of pages when not logged in
  • Possibility to filter reports on quarter
  • Added possibility of new mail notification based on project end time

Time in decimal format

The report 'Time report - Detailed' has now been improved with the possibility to generate time in decimal format.
This enables the administrators to more easily perform calculations in Excel after generating the report.
A large number of security improvements has also been implemented. acquired by DevFrenzy AB

We are proud to present that have been acquired by DevFrenzy AB from HR-Centralen. All current agreements have been transferred and will continue as is.

New report for all users

A new report (My reported time / project) has been created, available for all users. This report enables the user to get an easy overview of how much time he/she has registered during selected time period, grouped on a project/activity level.
Small improvements and bug correction has also been made on datetime popups, to better support swedish datetime formats.

Improvements to GDPR functionality

Improvements has been made to make it easier for administrators to delete old information registered by the users. This will also make it easier to comply with GDPR regulations.

Possibility to add extra mail recipients to warning and disable mails

When configuring the rules for sending warning mails or mails after automatic disable of project extra mail recipients can now be added.
A number of changes to be compliant with GDPR has been made.
A new view for approving registered time has been developed. This to enable quick handling when having large number of users.

Lowering the license fee when not all users enabled

Earlier all users, disregaring if they were enabled or not, needed a license. We have decided (and implemented) that only enabled users will need user licenses.
It is now also possible for administrators to change username/mail address for users.

Possibility to automatically disable projects after end date

It is now possible to configure the system to disable the project (preventing further time reporting) when the project end date are exceeded with X days.
Settings for automatically disable project or send mail after end-date or exceeding estimated time.
It is now also possible to select to include the department and result unit of users in the detailed time report.
Improvements has been made to the time report forms, to prevent errors due to cut and paste into comment textbox from external programs.

Possibility to automatically disable projects and send mail to project manager when exceeding % estimated time

It is now possible to configure the system to disable the project (preventing further time reporting), or to send a notification email to the project manager when the reported time exceeds a % of total estimated time.
General improvements of the excel formats of reports has been implemented.
It is now also possible to export the report 'Approval list'.

New reports, possibility to export in approve time page and performance improvements

Main focus of this release is two new reports. The 'Projects' report contains general information about projects and a total sum of both estimated and reported time independent on when the time was registered.
A similar report on Activity level has also been released.

In the time approval module, export possibilities has been added to the page where admin can approve time.

Project start and end date has been added as columns in the Time / Project report.

Modifications on index in database has also been implemented to improve performance in the reports.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

A small patch containing a number of minor bugfixes and performance improvements.

More filter functionality in reports

Introduced possibility to quickfilter on 'Last Week' in all reports. In the weekly timesheet a column that shows total time registered for each activity for selected week has been added. In addition a number of small bugg fixes has been released

Automatic email reminder of time registration

It is now possible to configure if an automatic mail should be sent to users once per month to remind them to register time.

Upgraded export to excel in reports

The export to excel in reports has been upgraded to export to xlsx-files instead of xls-files.
This improves both performance and solves a number of client security issues.
Please note: This also solves the issue caused by Microsoft bug in Excel that prevents users to open excel files (xls-files) downloaded from external domains.

Improved security and bug fixes

A small patch containing a number of minor bugfixes and security enhancements.

General improvements

A number of minor bugfixes and enhancements. For example it is now possible to delete activity under a project even if there are time entries there (after standard warning).

SSL support - Security improvement

2015-12-01 now only supports browsing using secured connection (https - SSL). Previously it has been possible to use unencrypted connection (http) but to improve the security for our users we now only supports secure connections.

New smartphone interface for time registration

For users that want to use their smartphone for timesheet registrations we now have created an interface better adjusted to the resolutions normally used in smartphones.
This will better support users not able to easily reach their computers to register their time in the timesheet system.

Diversified pricelist depending on number of users

In order to differentiate the pricelist depending on the number of users, functionality for supporting this has now been implemented. During this year the pricelist will be modified to adjust according to this.

More information to the time reporter released

In order to give the time reporter better possibility of reviewing his/hers reported time, a separate report has been created that is accessable for the normal user.
Other minor improvements have also been deployed including improvements such as: Better performance when generating reports, more information in the summary of Mileage Log reports, etc. adds time approval functionality

In order for administrators to better keep track on registered time has now released time approval functionality in the timesheet platform. This will enable the administrators to inspect and approve the timesheets registered by the users.
Read more about the new release releases new version of timesheet system

2011-06-07 has today released an updated version of the timesheet solution. The main focus of the release is performance improvements and the possibility to copy project activities between projects.
Read more about the new release adds timer/stopwatch functionality

In order to aid the users in keeping track of times used on activities, has released a stopwatch/timer functionality. This adds to the flexibility to select the way for entering time that best suits the user.
Read more about the stopwatch functionality

Expense tracking functionality added in new release

2011-02-17 releases a new version that adds support for expense tracking. This functionality enables users to easily enter transactions and administrators can create reports with flexible filtering options.
Read more about the expense tracking functionality adds online mileage log functionality

The focus of the new release is the new Mileage Log functionality enabling users to easy keep an accurate record of mileage drive.
Read more about online mileage log functionality

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Time Duty is one of these highly-practical applications that can let you track the time spent both by you and those who are under your authority on tasks and projects. Using Time Duty, it is very easy to get...
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Release of improved support for iPad

Apple iPad is used more and more often by business users. We feel that the timing is absolute perfect to release a new version of our could-based timesheet system with improved support for iPad.
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Release of daily time overview

Main focus of the new release is an increased overall performance and the possibility for the users to enter time entries in a daily overview.
Read more about the daily timesheet overview

Article - Selecting the Right Time Reporting System

Just pick one of the systems on the market, that should be fairly easy.. Or?
Selecting a suitable time reporting systems can be harder than you think. Just picking a system without investigating the needs and functions results in a possible situation where the users get a system that is over complicated. This would lead to that the efforts to chase in the timesheets increases, which is probably contrary to what you were aiming for in the first place!
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