Online timesheet software

The timesheet system is powerful, yet easy to use time reporting system. The user has the possibility to easily report his time divided on the projects and activities that are registered.

When register time in the timesheet software the user has either an week overview or a single day view to make it easy to have control over the time registered for that week. It is also possible to register comments for each activity/day.

A web based timesheet software that is very easy to use. The timesheet is on a weekly basis that enables the user to enter the time in a quick and easy way.
Example of the weekly timesheet

For an administrator it is easy to get an overview of how much time that has been registered on a project or activity and time registered by a specific user.

There is also a number of reports, for example reported time per month, week, all projects etc. All reports can be exported to Excel.
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The time reporting is very easy to use and the users can start using the software immediately without special education in how the system works. Since it is web based it is also accessible even if the user is not at the office. The only thing needed is a modern browser and internet connection.
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