System add-on modules

Apart from the normal time registration functionality the system can be configured to include extra modules.
These modules does not increase the cost of using the system, but are free to use for all customers using .
The extra modules available are:
  • Time approval
  • Mileage log
  • Expense tracking
These modules can be turned on or off in the company settings page. It is always recommended to turn off features that you do not want to use in order to keep the system as easy as possibly for the users.

Time approval module

In some cases it is very important to be sure that a user cannot register more time (or change a time registration) for specific time periods. This could the case when the system is used for time attendance or used for invoice basis or for extra project control.
When the time approval module has been enabled (default for new customers) it slightly modifies the time registration sheets enabling the users to mark a day as finished.
New administration form will also be added for the administrators to use. These pages give the administrator the possibility to review the user's timesheets and also to approve days.
When a day has been approved the user cannot enter or change time registrations for that day.
Read more about the time approval module

Mileage log module

The mileage log module can be used to track vehicle expenses and trip data for multiple vehicles. This could for example be used in situations where drivers are required to create a detailed mileage log.
For the administrator it is easy to get an overview of the registered mileage logs. It is possible to generate a Mileage log report that can be filtered on for example username, projects etc.
Read more about the mileage log module

Expense tracking

The expense tracking module at is perfect for individuals and small business to keep track of their project expenses. With this cloud-based expense tracking functionality users can easily enter expenses and administrators can create reports with flexible filtering options. Read more about the expense tracking module