Time approval functionality

In addition to tracking time, Timeduty.com also includes a time approval module that helps you in the process of approving time registrations. The time approval module helps your organization to keep accurate track of time registered.
It can in some cases be very important to be sure that a user cannot register more time (or change a time registration) for specific time periods. This could the case when the system is used for time attendance or used for invoice basis or for extra project control. That is when the time approval module can be used to help your business.

Let the user indicate he/she is ready

When the time approval module has been enabled (default for new customers) it slightly modifies the time registration sheets enabling the users to mark a day as finished.
When the user has marked the day as finished, he/she will not be able to change the time registration for that day. It is however, as long as the administrator has not marked the day as approved, possible for the user to unmark the day and then make changes.

Approve and lock time registration

When the time approval module is enabled the administrators or selected time approvers can view a list of users that have time registrations that should or have been approved. From that list the administrator can select a single user and review his/hers time registration for the selected month. It is then possible to mark days (or the full month) as approved.
If an administrator has marked a day as approved the user cannot unlock the day or make changes to the time registration.

Optional and free of charge

This module does not increase the cost of using the system, but are free to use for all customers using Timeduty.com.

Free evaluation

Evaluation time is 30 days and if you do not want to continue using our service you do not have to do anything. There is no cost involved for evaluating us.
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